Canon 300 Mark II

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Camera Ready rents the Canon C300 Mark II  Cinema
Camera This camera is a second generation 4K camcorder that evolved from Canons Mark I has become a main stream staple camera for shooters doing everything from low budget features to documentary work, industrial, live events, commercials, news features, sports and more. and more. Canons Cinema EOS 4K camera system now has inhanced features including 4K/2K Full HD internal and external recording (onboard 4K RAW output), and a new 10-bit Canon Log . Canon has enhanced this powerful new camera with much more dynamic range of 15 stops, improved Dual Pixel , Auto focus,  focus assist engineering and C Fast record capabilities. Its creative flexibility makes perfect for professional studio motion picture production applications, as well as independent productions, TV dramas,
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Canon 300 Mark II
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