Alexa EV standard

Arri Alexa EV rental at Camera Ready Rentals Los Angeles

The ARRI ALEXA EV Standard Digital Cinema camera is designed for broadcast, motion picture and commercial applications. Using the new ALEV III Super-35 sized CMOS Bayer-pattern sensor, the ALEXA is capable of 1920×1080 HD outputs as well as 3.5K Uncompressed RAW. ALEXA shoots 1-60fps with a base sensitivity of 800…

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Arri Alexa XT

The Original – Reloaded The Arri Alexa XT (Xtended Technology) ads a number of significant improvements to the base model ALEXA: In-camera ARRIRAW recording, internal ND filtration, a 4:3 Super 35 sensor, Open Gate sensor mode, integrated CDL capture, LDS PL mount, new viewfinder mounting bracket, included anamorphic de-squeeze and…

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