Teradek Cube 655

Rent Teradek Cube from Camera Ready Rentals Los Angeles

Call Camera Ready today for best rates in Los Angeles  day/week/long term rentals p. (818) 907-7770   email info@cameraready.film Teradek Cube 655 Product Highlights Real-Time H.264 Encoder and Transmitter Ethernet, Wireless, and USB Interfaces HDMI and SDI Video Inputs Monitor Locally on up to 6 iPads Built-In Color Grading On-Board…

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Teradek COLR

Rent Teradek COLR at Camera Ready Rentals Los Angeles

   by TERADEK                                                                                        COLR is a real-time LUT box, camera control bridge, and HDMI/SDI cross-converter in one tiny package. COLR integrates with Pomfort LiveGrade Pro, allowing DITs and colorists to give everyone the right look. Call us today to book yours! p. (818) 907-7770 Specifications: Teradek COLR 3G-SDI, HD-SDI SD-SDI:…

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